Caring For You Jewelry

The how to of jewelry care!!

Remember all Eightynine store jewelry must be handled with care and love to make them last as long as posible

P.S We try very hard to get you high quality pieces but give them a little break every once in a while and store individually when not using them.

Above all avoid contact with perfumes and other harsh liquids, like sunscreen, liquid make up and moisturizers. this will keep your jewelry looking fresh and shiny. 

If the jewelry is [water resistant] (check item description) always clean it after getting in the ocean or pool with them, you can use water and soap with a little brush to get them clean! and remember to alway dry them with a towel or cloth! Please keep in mind that its WATER resistant, it is not meant for workouts and please keep away of products with alcohol.

For gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry (silver with a gold plating) never wear them when going in the water (that includes showers, the ocean or pools etc.) or when working out. But if you do remember remove sweat, salt and chlorine with soap and water and DRY THEM!!! as soon as posible!

We do not guarantee that any gold plating will last forever. Gold plated jewelry are made with a coat of gold and will most likely lose its color over time due to a variety of factors (like, contact with products, water, skin PH etc). Please remember to always to care of your jewelry to make it last as long as possible.

And last but not least don’t forget to enjoy your pieces and have fun with them.